Yoga Philosophy Online Certificate Course

Dive deep into the philosophy of yoga to get a deeper understanding of the history and purpose of yoga.

●     Expand and deepen your understanding of yoga

●     Understand the true purpose of yoga and where it will bring us

●     Learn about yogic psychology and how the mind functions

●     Explore the ancient yogic text & scriptures

●     Learn how to connect the ancient philosophy with modern yoga

Yoga Philosophy Online Certificate Course

Why study Yoga Philosophy?

The ancient yogis discovered that the root course of unhappiness and suffering is ignorance of our own true nature. However by understanding how our mind works they described a path that we can follow to discover our true self. This course explores the different elements of yogic philosophy. The course will not only give you the intellectual understanding of the Yogic Philosophy but also show you the path that can lead you to the ultimate goal by taking the teachings of the original scriptures and putting them into practice.

The course covers all essential topics related to the vast subject of Yoga from its history through the different authentic traditions for you to realize the truth of what Yoga truly is, an exploration to the ultimate self.

Course content

Who is this course for?

●     Students that want go deeper with yoga and understand the philosophy behind it

●     Yoga Teachers that plan to teach yoga philosophy to their students

●     Yoga Teachers that are looking for Continued Education credit to maintain their Yoga Alliance membership

Course content

This course is an extract of all the yoga philosophy lessons from our popular yoga teacher training course.

Included in the course are 20 lectures of high-quality video recordings and a 36-page Yoga Philosophy downloadable PDF manual.

The topics covered in this course include:

●     History of yoga

●     The purpose of yoga

●     Foundations of Yogic Philosophy

●     Gunas: The three qualities of nature

●     Pancha Kohas – The Five Bodies

●     The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

●     The eight limbs of Yoga

●     Kleshas – mental states that cloud the mind

●     Samkhya – one of the central philosophies of Yoga

●     Samskaras - subtle impressions of our past actions

●     Supernatural powers and liberation

●     Tantra Yoga

●     Hatha Yoga Pradipika – one of the oldest text on Hatha Yoga

●     Bhagavad Gita

Other benefits

●     Start the course anytime

●     Study from anywhere in the world

●     Lifetime access to all lectures

●     36-page Yoga Philosophy downloadable PDF manual

●     Digital Certificate issued upon completion

Other benefits

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The Teacher

The course is created and delivered by Alex Yogi our expert instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience in Yoga, Yogic Philosophy and Meditation.

A truly passionate and dedicated Yogi, Alex began his journey into Yoga 20 years ago when he began to question the state of consciousness in the modern world - feeling the essence of something divine present but not seeing this manifested in the values and actions of those around him, he started his search for Truth.

Alex found his teacher in a master yogi who was offering knowledge of inner power through the teachings of Yoga. He then spent the next 5 years dedicated only to his practice, living in solitude and isolation, studying scriptures, and practicing meditations which helped him to realize his purpose and enabled him to release limiting and destructive mindsets. Alex later received spiritual initiation from his master and started sharing the knowledge of self-realized yogis along with his own experience and insights received during his apprenticeship, years of daily meditations, and immersions into a wide range of yogic practices. He is sure that this precious knowledge must be preserved and aims to share the essence of Yoga as it was traditionally taught to help people realize the ultimate truth.