200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training (Free Trial)

Join us for the first day of our 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course and experience the benefits & quality of our training.

Once you sign up for this free trial you get access to the first day which contain 5 hours of video classes. It will include introduction to the course and the teachers, a meditation class, two Hatha Yoga classes, an Art of Teaching class and a Yoga Philosophy class.

In this training you will learn the first step of Anapanasati (one of the the most detailed meditation techniques found in the Early Buddhist Texts), Surya Namasaka (Sun Salutation) an energizing practice that is the foundation of much of modern yoga, a short history of yoga as well as introduction to Mantra Yoga and basic breathing techniques.

So enroll in your free trial today and start your path towards becoming an incredible Yoga Teacher